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Bewi Dog Canned Rich in chicken 400G

Price : 30

Bewi Dog Canned wet Dog Food Rich in chicken contains juicy flesh with a firm texture. Just the way dogs like it. The wide range of flavours provides a welcome variety. Available in : 400 g

Why Bewi Canned wet food ( rich in chicken) is the best formulated for your dog food

  • Juicy flesh with a firm texture
  • Appeals to most dogs, thanks to the range of tasty flavours
  • Contains all the important vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • Gently cooked
  • Complete food – can be combined with BEWI DOG dry food

Nutritional additives:

Vitamin D3 200 IU; Vitamin E 50 mg; Iodine (as calciumiodate, anhydrous) 0,5 mg; Manganese (as manganesesulphate, monohydrate) 5 mg; Zinc (as zincsulphate, monohydrate) 20 mg; Selenium (as sodiumselenite) 0,08 mg

Product guarantee

  • From own production
  • With salmon oil, a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids
  • No grain formula
  • Best-quality meat products, guaranteed only from animals fit for human consumption
  • No artificial colours or flavours and no added sugar


Tripe (15 %), Meat, Lung, Udder, Liver, Salmon oil (0,5 %), Minerals

Feeding recommendation

(recommended quantity of food per animal in g/day)
  • 5 kg*325 g
  • 10 kg*550 g
  • 15 kg*750 g
  • 20 kg*900 g
  • 25 kg*1.100 g
  • 35 kg*1.400 g
  • 50 kg*1.800 g

( *) Adult weight

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