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RS-307 Aquarium lamp

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Product description

RS-307 Aquarium Lamp

Type: Aquariums & Accessories
Aquarium & Accessory Type: Aquarium Lamp
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Brand Name: RISHENG / RS Electrical
Model: RS-307
Color: Normal
Voltage: 220-240V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Power: 11W
Suitable Aquarium Tank: 60L≥40-50cm
Product Description

Every aquarium needs a vibrant lamp to enhance the visual appeal of the fish, plants and the ornamental decoration placed within the aquarium. The RS Electrical Aquarium Lamp RS 307, is easy to install and comes with a bracket that can be easily installed on either side of the aquarium. The clasp prevents all kind of accidental tipping and does not damage your aquarium in any way. Light is integral for all living organisms within the tank.

The RS-307 lamp if you want can be also mounted vertically in your aquarium. Hence this aquarium lamp can be placed in your aquarium as per your requirement. This aquarium lamp is appropriate for aquariums with a capacity of up to 45 litters. The lamp is flexible and can be placed at any angle that you want in your aquarium. The lamp emits a white light and helps not only to retain the vibrant color of organisms but enhances the color. The intensity of the light can also be adjusted as per your requirement.

1. Enhances the vibrancy of all fish and plants
2. Aquarium lamp can be adjusted as per requirement
3. Intensity of the light can also be adjusted
4. Light is integral for all organisms


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