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Royal Canin Yorkshire Terrier 1.5Kg

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''Your Yorkshire Terrier is an especially lovable dog with strong character and loved for its long, silky, steel blue-grey fur, that is astoundingly similar to human hair. To keep their hair continually growing, Yorkshire Terriers need up to a 35% protein daily diet. One of the unique characteristics Yorkshire Terrier is an absence of an undercoat. Thus, even a small wound or a light collision can led to a very sensitive reaction of their skin:
Yorkshire Terriers have a small jaw bone with small teeth, which need to be protected. Due to frequent shedding, Yorkshire Terriers can become especially fussy and thus their food should be especially palatable.

Your Yorkshire Terrier has a uniquely high life expectation; some veterinarians and breeders report Yorkshire Terriers who have lived up to 21 years. With increasing age, the risk of heart, kidney, and joint problems increases.


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