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Pro Cane Junior with meat, fish and rice 3Kg

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Product Name: Pro Cane with fish and rice 3Kg

Complete food

For adult dogs

Pro Fish and Rice is a gluten-free, complete food for dogs, highly palatable and nutritionally balanced, with protein from fish.

Due to its optimal energy balance, this diet meets the nutritional requirements of all dogs from 6 months of age, living either indoors or outdoors.
It is particularly suitable for dogs which are more sensitive to intolerances and benefit from a high fish based diet, without cereals.
Pro Fish and Rice is enriched with linseed and soya bean seeds, high in Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils, which help to keep the coat shiny.


Corn, Dehydrated animal protein, Chicken fat, Fish meal (Cod, Tuna, Salmon, Herring min. 6%), Sorghum, Rice (min. 4%), Whole soya beans (min. 1%), Hydrolyzed animal protein, Dried yeast, Whole linseed (min. 1%), Crude fibre concentrate (from natural lignocellulose), Sodium chloride.

Analytical constituents

Crude protein: 26,0%; Crude oils and fats: 16,0%; Crude fibres: 2,0%; Crude ash: 7,3%; Calcium: 1,4%; Phosphorus: 1,0%; Sodium: 0,3%; Fatty acids (Omega 3: min 0,45% - Omega 6: min 4,0%).

Nutritional additives

Vitamin A: 22.000 I.U./kg; Vitamin D3: 1.400 I.U./kg; Vitamin E: 220 mg/kg; Vitamin C: 100 mg/kg; Vitamin B1: 7,5 mg/kg; Vitamin B2: 7,3 mg/kg; Vitamin B6: 5 mg/kg; Vitamin B12: 0,1 mg/kg; Vitamin H Biotine: 0,15 mg/kg; Vitamin PP: 33 mg/kg; D-Pantothenic acid: 11 mg/kg; Folic acid: 1,4 mg/kg; E2 Iodine: 0,8 mg/kg; E6 Zinc: 20 mg/kg; 3b8.10 Selenium (Organic selenium produced by Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-3060): 0,1 mg/kg. 

Technological additives: Antioxidants.

Available sizes

3 kg and 15 kg alluminium bags with re-sealable inside slide


3 kg: 30 shrink- wrapped bundle with 4 bags = 360 kg
15 kg: 24 bags = 360 kg

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