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Submersible Air Pump, Rs-600 LA

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Product description


For Marine and Fresh water Aquarium.

Model: RS-600LA;
Voltage: 220V-240V/50Hz;
Power: 3W;
Suitable for depth up to - 34 - 45cm.

1. Releases oxygen into air.
2. Circulates water within your tank.
3. LED lights can be changed.
4. Can be placed at the bottom or on the side glass.
5. Colour of the light is blue and it is led light.
6. With strong rubber suction cups, low noise and vibration.
7. With air flow control adjuster, air flow can be adjusted freely.
     Large air flow output ensures sufficient oxygen supply.
8. Completely water-proof design, safe and reliable.
9. Used high quality LED lamps for stable performance,
    soft light produced for perfect view effect.
11. The air pump can either be placed on the bottom of the tanks
      or the side glass of the tank.








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